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Westview A wins Issa Tournament @ Rancho Bernardo HS

By posted November 18th, 2017

Westview A defeated North Hollywood C, 315-170. Full stats are available here.

Team performance:

Rank Team Record PPB
1 Westview A 11 – 0 20.26
2 North Hollywood C 8 – 3 21.96
3 San Dieguito Academy 9 – 1 20.65
4 Del Norte A 9 – 1 21.28

Individual Performance:

Rank Name Team PPG
1 Klaus N. San Dieguito Academy 133.50
2 Brandon H. North Hollywood C 112.27
3 Rohan V. Westview A 75.00
4 Diego M. North Hollywood A 62.00

  • Although North Hollywood C was a one man team,  Brandon H. still led North Hollywood to a spot in the finals, an impressive accomplishment.
  • Westview A shows strength in their players Daniel S. and Rohan V. both ranking in the top 7. Daniel’s outstanding performance indicates that an early start to quizbowl through participating in middle school programs is incredibly beneficial.
  • San Dieguito Academy’s Klaus N. carries the team to place third, but with him graduating this year, the future of San Dieguito Academy is unknown.
  • Mt. Carmel makes a great first appearance of the season; they will have great potential with increased tournament attendance.
  • Del Norte A goes 9-1 overall. With a mostly underclassmen team, they could be an unstoppable force in tournaments down the road.
  • Kate A. of Rancho Bernardo shows some talent, ranking among the top 10 in her first two tournaments. With more practice and studying, she could become one of Rancho Bernardo’s top scorers.
  • Bryan H. of Arcadia scores in the top 10. Arcadia’s future is promising with many talented players, including one of Southern California’s top scorers, Andrew H.
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