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UC Irvine Wins EFT Mirror

October 5th, 2010 No comments

UC Irvine defeated UC San Diego A 415-285 in a one-game final to win the Early Fall Tournament mirror on October 3 at Pomona College.

Eight teams representing UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Caltech, Case Western, and the Claremont Colleges competed. Teams played a preliminary round robin, then divided into a top and bottom playoff bracket of four teams each. UC San Diego A and UC Irvine split their games, necessitating the final.

Preliminary statistics from the tournament can be found here, while playoff statistics (including final) can be found here.

Announcement: Early Fall Tournament at Claremont Colleges

August 25th, 2010 No comments

[originally posted elsewhere by Alejandro Lopez-Lago]

EFT Mirror
Date: 10/3/2010
Location: Claremont Colleges Campus in Claremont, CA (specific location TBA)
Contact: Alejandro Lopez-Lago (alopezlago _at_

Base fee: $100
Buzzer discount: -$10 each
Staff discount: -$10 each
Travel discount: -$10 for every 200 miles traveled
Minimum Fee: $60

For more information about the type of tournament EFT is see here.
For right now the field is capped at 10 teams. The cap can increase if teams can provide moderators and buzzers.