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Rancho Bernardo wins Cobalt II (La Jolla HS, 22 April 2017)

By posted April 22nd, 2017

Rancho Bernardo went 9 – 1 to win Cobalt II outright. Full stats available here.

Rank Team Record PPB
1 Rancho Bernardo A 9 – 1 TBD
2 Canyon Crest A 7 – 3 TBD
T – 3 Westview 6 – 4 TBD
T – 3 Olympian B 6 – 4 TBD

Individual performance:

Rank Name Team PPG
1 Rahul K. Westview 128.57
2 Bryan U. Rancho Bernardo 87.14
3 Jeffrey Q. Canyon Crest A 60.00
4 James S. Olympian A 50.00
5 Max B. Olympian B 43.57

  • Canyon Crest is all ready to go for next year. They retain their full A team, which already includes some of the circuit’s best music, science, and NAQT players in Jeffrey Qiu (11), Daniel Wang (11), and Boopala Arul (11), respectively. Their B team is more of a conglomeration of rosters that rotate in and out each tournament, but Alan Zhu (10), Raymond Song (9), Shreyank Kadadi (9), and Wesley Zhang (9) are all clear candidates for the job.
  • La Cañada has serious potential. The team trekked two hours south from Los Angeles to play their very first tournament, and managed to come just 2.56 points-per-bonus (PPB) shy of cracking the golden average of 15 PPB. If they stick to it, I give it a year of constant practice until La Cañada becomes a playoff contender.
  • Olympian is the real deal. Seven months of hibernation after TPAIN, Olympians A and B returned to Southern California with two dynamic teams who have thoroughly digested the high school canon in and out. The small tournament field belies the fact that both teams put up over 20 PPB and at least four (4) powers per round, capping out at eight (8) powers in a 465 – 85 win over Canyon Crest B. I was particularly impressed by James Scherrer (11)’s mastery of history and by Zachary Blanton (11)’s coverage of NAQT categories (geography and current events).
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