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Southern California (CA) 2015 – 2016 Scheduling

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Hello, folks.

We at socalquizbowl.org would like to start working on scheduling for the 2015 – 2016 season of quizbowl in Southern California. Here is a preliminary list of available dates for next year. Check back at this page often for updates. If you’re interested in hosting a tournament, please reply to this post, the linked forum post, or email us at qb.socal@gmail.com, and we’ll add it to the list. Please also be prompt with securing question sets to prevent confusion with which sets are actually claimed.
This year, we plan to focus on the following points to produce a healthy circuit:
  • Fewer tournaments than last year, so the schedule has much more room to move around. I’m looking at something closer to ten (10) or eleven (11), which is about 1.3 tournaments a month.
  • Larger field sizes (let’s try to break the 46 team record in 2013!)
  • Lots of novice tournaments (at least three (3)), middle school tournaments, and dual-division tournaments (these are actually very easy to manage! much like running a tournament with multiple pools)
  • More reasonable registration fees – new teams struggle to break into the scene when they get a $40 discount the first time around and are stuck with $80 for the rest of the year.
  • Giving other schools the opportunity to host – besides the Triton tournaments, we’re going to limit schools to hosting just one or two tournaments until other interested hosts have had their share
  • Outreach, outreach, outreach! This is probably the most important point. All of the aforementioned points come together for this ultimate goal, which is frankly the only way the circuit will stay alive in the long term.

Well, there you have it, folks. Let’s make 2015 – 2016 a great season!

Et in Arcadia, Victoria [Opinion/Analysis]

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A changing of the guard among the high school quizbowl elite took place on Sunday as Arcadia High School upended multiple national powerhouses to claim the 2015 HSNCT title. Arcadia’s victory, while surprising , was not a shock to close followers of this team this year. Arcadia’s quizbowl fundamentals based on their average points per bonus (PPB) were sound enough to nab a 5th-place ranking in the HSQBRank and their PPB on tough questions was on par with or superior to any other team in the country.

What proved to be the defining feature of this championship run however was Arcadia’s free-flowing style merging with years of disciplined studying and preparation. On the highest stage of high school quizbowl in the world, Arcadia played fearless quizbowl against top-tier competition.

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2015 NAQT High School National Championship Results–Congratulations Arcadia A!

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HSNCT Writeup

Congratulations to Arcadia A’s Coach Christopher Schultz and players Kevin Wang, Justin Nghiem, Andrew Leung, and Yuqiao Zhao: our new National Academic Quiz Tournaments high school national champions!

Full Results

After a thrilling weekend at the 272-team NAQT High School National Championship Tournament in Chicago, Southern California emerged battered but triumphant, bringing back to the region our first-ever national crown. By excelling at such insane levels of competition, Southern California has demonstrated once more that despite its isolation from the rest of the national circuit & relative under-recognition, it remains one of the strongest and most robust quiz bowl circuits in the country. In fact, SoCal was one of the best represented geographic regions at the HSNCT: 11 SoCal teams attended, and every single one of these teams finished 5-5 or higher (an impressive feat, as that means even our weakest teams were just one push away from making the playoffs). We’ve summarized and provided some brief commentary on every schools’ performance here:

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2015 HSNCT Preview and Analysis

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HSNCT predictions

With eleven teams from Southern California heading off to the 2015 NAQT HSNCT in Chicago, Illinois in just three weeks, it’s time to look at each attending team’s ups and downs and make predictions about how they’ll perform. This year’s HSNCT is an enormous and grueling competition with 272 teams in attendance. Every team plays ten (10) games on Saturday, and teams with a winning record (6 – 4 or better) advance to the playoffs on Sunday, which is a double elimination bracket – two losses and the team is eliminated. Teams with 6 – 4 prelims records start playoffs with one loss, making playoffs single elimination for them.

Looking back, the Southern California circuit as a whole was probably harmed by its insularity this season – no team this year played an interregional tournament, and no teams from other regions attended a tournament in SoCal. On the other hand, many of the top-tier teams began regularly attending collegiate tournaments, such as DEES at UCLA, MUT at UCSD, and STIMPY at Caltech. Here’s our preview for what could hopefully be one of the strongest SoCal performances at HSNCT yet. The general commentary is a combination of Eddie Kim and Jason Cheng’s analysis, with specific opinions coming afterwards. Featuring guest opinions from Kion You of Rancho Bernardo.

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Triton Pre-Nationals Tournament (5/24/2015) @ UCSD [DII ICT]

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UC-San Diego Quiz Bowl is pleased to announce Triton Pre-Nationals Tournament at UCSD on Sunday, May 24:

LOCATION: 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, California, 92093.

We are most likely using our usual spot at the Humanities and Social Sciences Building. We will send out additional information to registered teams as the tournament approaches by contact email, the SoCalQB Facebook group, and this post.

DATE: The tournament will be held on Sunday, May 24. Check-in begins at 8:00 am, and first round should begin around 9 am. Schedules will be distributed at check-in.

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Triton Spring V (05/16/2015) @ UCSD [DII SCT]

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UC-San Diego Quiz Bowl is pleased to announce our traditional season-ender, Triton Spring V at UCSD on Saturday, May 16:

LOCATION: 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, California, 92093.

The tournament will take place on the UCSD campus, with the exact location to be determined. We will send out additional information to registered teams as the tournament approaches by contact email, the SoCalQB Facebook group, and this post as soon as possible.

DATE: The tournament will be held on Saturday, May 16. Check-in begins at 8:00 am, and first round should begin around 9 am. Schedules will be distributed at check-in.

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Southern California Pre-HSNCT Opinion Poll

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To prepare for the Southern California Pre-HSNCT Opinion Poll for the 2015 NAQT HSNCT in Chicago, Illinois, please complete this opinion poll of Southern California teams attending the HSNCT, which will be paired with a detailed preview and prediction of each team’s performance, to be published next week.

North Hollywood, Canyon Crest B take home 2015 SoCal State Championship titles @ Westview HS (4/18/15)

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North Hollywood claimed a long-awaited tournament win following a 9W – 1L run in the nationals division of the 2015 Socal State Championship, finishing with three more wins than the 6W – 4L runner-up, La Jolla. Canyon Crest A finished with the same W/L record, but lost the PPG tiebreaker to claim third.

In the regular division, Canyon Crest B defeated Arcadia C, 395 – 150, in a one-game final to take the title. Arcadia B and Irvine tied for third place.

Full stats available here.

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[CANCELLED] THOR Novice @ Tesoro HS (3/28/15) [NAQT IS-135A]

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This event is now cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Muse III: A Classical Music Audio Side Event at the SoCal State Championship

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I am happy to announce Muse III: Muses II: Honeydew (“Muse III“), an audio side event that will take place at the Socal State Championship (“State Champs”) on 18 April 2015. Muse III is a single-round side event during lunch that lasts thirty to forty minutes. Muse III is the sequel to Muses, the sequel to Muse, and aims to be greater and more exciting for everyone involved.

ELIGIBILITY: All high school students eligible to attend State Champs are invited to attend Muse III.

REGISTRATION: As usual, there is no registration fee for Muse III. Players must register on-site during check-in at State Champs. The current field cap is twenty (20) players.

Interested players are strongly urged to complete this Google form so we know how large a field to expect.

FORMAT: Muse III is a singles side event, meaning that it shall be played in teams of one. Muse III consists of a single round of thirty-eight (38) tossup questions and zero (0) bonuses. Each tossup question is a 60-second long audio file, with audio clips from various works of music arranged in a pyramidal order (i.e. from hardest to easiest).

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