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The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE) announces the Morgan Costa-Rhodes Memorial Scholarship

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The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting high school quizbowl nationwide, is announcing a one-time $2000 college scholarship for current high school seniors. Students who have shown involvement in quizbowl and in their community and have demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply. Full details available here.

Canyon Crest sweeps Bronco Bowl II @ Rancho Bernardo (12/17/16)

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In the Varsity division, Canyon Crest A defeated Westview A, 375 – 365. In the Junior Varsity division, Canyon Crest D won outright with an overall 9 – 1 win record. Full stats available here.

Team performance:

Varsity JV
Rank Team Record PPB Rank Team Record PPB
1 Canyon Crest A 9 – 1 24.78 1 Canyon Crest D 9 – 1 20.00
2 Westview A 10 – 1 27.14 2 North Hollywood B 8 – 2 21.67
T – 3 La Jolla A 8 – 2 24.71 3 Arcadia C 7 – 3 22.78
T – 3 Arcadia A 6 – 3 22.35 4 San Dieguito 6 – 4 21.79

Individual performance:

Varsity JV
Rank Name Team PPG Rank Name Team PPG
1 James M. La Jolla A 185.00 1 Eshaan V. Ed W. Clark 157.00
2 Rahul K. Westview A 141.00 2 Alan Z. Canyon Crest D 91.00
3 Shripad B. Irvine A 108.75 3 Klaus N. San Dieguito 76.00
4 Jeffrey Q. Canyon Crest A 105.00 4 William S. Arcadia C 66.00

Westview ACanyon Crest ALa Jolla AArcadia A, Irvine, and Arcadia B qualified for the 2017 National Scholastic Championship (NSC).

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Triton Middle School Tournament II @ UC San Diego (01/28/16) [NAQT MS-20]

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The UCSD quizbowl team will host our second Triton Middle School Tournament, to be held at UCSD on Saturday, January 28th, 2017.

The set will be run on NAQT MS-20.

Any new schools (a school that did not play a tournament in the 2015-2016 season) will pay a flat $20 per team.

For returning schools:
$65 per team of 4 or less
$75 per team of 5 or 6.
Teams of more than 6 are no longer accepted

– $20 per school that successfully introduces Quiz Bowl to another school
– $10 per working buzzer system (must accommodate at least eight players)
– $10 per experienced moderator
– $5 per 50 miles traveled one-way per school

Minimum Fees:
$40 for each regular team
$20 for each new school team

How to Register:
More logistics information will be provided closer to the date of the tournament to teams that are registered. To register (or if you have any questions), email us at ucsdqb@gmail.com with:
1. How many teams you expect to bring
2. The number of buzzers and/or moderators that you can provide
3. A contact email and phone number

Registration Limits:
We are implementing a soft field cap of 18 teams until we fully confirm rooms and staffers. Six spots will be reserved for new schools. The remaining 12 spots can be filled by either new or returning schools. Returning schools will be limited to registering two team each. Any additional teams they want to register will go onto a wait list. If the new school slots are not filled one week prior to the tournament or we can expand the field cap, teams on the wait list will be let off.

Triton Novice (22 Oct) Field Expansion – Open Registration

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Hi everyone,

Due to an opportunity to expand the field from 20 teams to 24 teams, we currently have four additional spaces available for the Triton Novice Tournament this Saturday, 22 October 2016.

We are now accepting open registration from all schools, regardless of the current number of teams they have registered. Registrations will be prioritized first by number of currently registered teams (e.g. a school registering their second team will be prioritized over a school registering their third team), and then on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you are interested in registering, please email us at ucsdqb@gmail.com with (a) the number of additional teams to be registered and (b) a roster of names and grade levels for each student. The deadline to register is 11:59 PM on Thursday, 20 October 2016.

Second Team Limit Update for Triton Novice (22 Oct)

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Hello everyone,

Due to a large number of interested schools, we are updating our previous registration policy. As of immediately, each school is now permitted to register one (1) team at registration, with the remainder being waitlisted. This policy does not affect schools that have already registered prior to today (29 September, 2016).

Westview A, Canyon Crest C win TPAIN III @ Torrey Pines (10/22/16)

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Westview A defeated Arcadia A in a disadvantaged final, 480 – 195. Full stats available here.

Team performance:

Varsity JV
Rank Team Record PPB Rank Team Record PPB
1 Westview A 11 – 1 24.06 1 Canyon Crest C 10 – 0 19.15
2 Arcadia A 9 – 3 21.02 2 North Hollywood B 8 – 2 16.96
3 Canyon Crest A 6 – 4 22.48 3 San Dieguito 7 – 3 14.07
4 Rancho Bernardo A 6 – 4 21.31 4 Canyon Crest B 5 – 5 11.93

Individual performance:

Varsity JV
Rank Name Team PPG Rank Name Team PPG
1 James M. La Jolla 123.00 1 Klaus N. San Dieguito 75.00
2 Arianne C. Los Alamitos A 88.00 2 Wesley Z. Canyon Crest C 63.00
3 Rahul K. Westview A 69.00 3 Albert L. North Hollywood B 56.00
4 Justin L. North Hollywood A 68.00 4 Manasvi V. Del Norte C 53.33

Westview A, Arcadia A, Canyon Crest A, and Rancho Bernardo A qualified for the 2017 HSNCT.

Westview AArcadia ACanyon Crest ARancho Bernardo AArcadia B, and North Hollywood A qualified for the 2017 NSC.

Some thoughts:

  • Most of the top teams aren’t going through a rebuilding year at all – Westview A is the best team in the region statistically, but Arcadia A is back with a vengeance just one year after their HSNCT-winning squad in 2015, with a B team trailing not too far behind. Canyon Crest A and Rancho Bernardo A are about where they were last year despite the loss of lead scorers Nathan Mar (Berkeley ’20) and Kion You (Brown ’20). Most impressive is La Jolla A, where James Malouf (12) nearly single-handedly beat out the entire field in points-per-game (PPG) and points-per-bonus (PPB) while dropping just two games.
  • It’s difficult to see how the teams on the cusp of playoff contention will do. Los Alamitos A and Del Norte A have hovered around the threshold for the past couple of years, but they both need to consolidate a four-member squad and round out their corners to stop dropping easy bonus parts and late buzzes. Olympian A is almost there – their strong PPB shows it’s just a matter of playing the tossups better.
  • Big shoutout to San Dieguito and Edison, who came out to their first tournament in a couple of years. In particular, San Dieguito has a strong foundation in lead scorer Klaus Neyer (11); the team just needs to build a solid support system around him to become a playoff contender. Looking forward to seeing these schools at the October novice tournaments and at other events this year.

Triton Novice Tournament (22 Oct) Team Limit Update

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Hello everyone,

We are receiving a larger amount of interest from local schools for our Triton Novice Tournament at UC San Diego on 22 October 2016 than we anticipated. As a result, we are updating our registration policy to limit each school to two (2) teams at registration, rather than the original policy of three (3) teams. This policy will take place immediately – schools that have already registered registered three (3) teams prior to this announcement will be unaffected, but all other registrations will be limited to two (2) teams (with the remainder being waitlisted) until further notice.

Sign up for our novice tournaments!

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To all schools,

This year, we will have three sites for novice players, so that you would not need to travel far. For the Los Angeles County, the novice tournament will be on Saturday October 29, 2016 at Arcadia High School. For the Orange County, the mirror will be hosted on Saturday October 22, 2016 at Irvine High School . Finally, for San Diego County, the event will be on Saturday October 22, 2016 at the University of California – San Diego. Tournament entry fees will be discounted to accommodate new schools that are unsure whether they want to do quiz bowl.

For more information on how to sign up, please visit the forum post of our hosts –

Los Angeles County (Arcadia High School on 10/29) | http://www.hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18973

Orange County (Irvine High School on 10/22) | http://www.hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19041

San Diego County (UCSD on 10/22) | http://www.hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19004

Have a great season!

Arcadia Novice Tournament moved to Oct 29

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Due to problems with scheduling, the LA region mirror of SCOP Novice 7, known as Arcadia Novice Tournament (ANT), is moved a week later to October 29, 2016. This is already reflected in our events calendar here: http://www.socalquizbowl.org/calendar/. Note that the Orange County mirror at Irvine High School and the San Diego County mirror at UC San Diego are unaffected by this change.

Sorry and thanks for your comprehension!

2016 – 2017 Event Calendar and Eligibility

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The calendar of regular-season high school tournaments is now available at our Event Calendar page. Tournaments marked with an asterisk will qualify high-placing teams to the 2017 High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT). We are also actively seeking certification for tournaments to qualify teams to the 2017 National Scholastic Championship (NSC).

This year, we are extending the successful Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions that we began last year. All or nearly-all tournaments will have a Varsity division and a Junior Varsity division. All students are eligible to play in the Varsity division. Students are eligible to play in the Junior Varsity division if they meet the following conditions: (a) they have less than two calendar years of quizbowl experience (other academic extracurriculars such as Science Olympiad and Academic League do not count towards this limit); (b) they have never played on a team at the HSNCT, the NSC, or the National All-Star Academic Tournament (NASAT); (c) they have less than three Junior Varsity division tournament wins in a single academic year. All middle school students are eligible to play in any division they choose.