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Torrey Pines B Wins Triton Fall Tournament II

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Congratulations to Torrey Pines B which won the 2010 Triton Fall Tournament II @ UCSD by going undefeated for a 10-0 record. La Jolla A finished in 2nd and Torrey Pines A in third. The top 8 individuals after the prelim rounds also received useful quizbowl-related books as prizes.

Torrey Pines, La Jolla, The Bishop’s School, and Carlsbad all qualified for the 2011 PACE NSC.

The prelim morning round stats are available here; the final standings are available here.

We want to thank all 17 teams for coming out and staying all day on a rather difficult set of questions.

UCSD is tentatively planning on hosting an NAQT tournament in mid-February, another JV tournament sometime in the spring, and one final pre-nationals tournament in May. Look for more announcements on these in the near future.

If any high school teams are interested, UCSD will also be hosting a regular-difficult college tournament, THUNDER II, on December 4th. This should be superb preparation for national tournaments and a great challenge for the best high school teams.

Rancho Bernardo Wins CBCT

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Rancho Bernardo went a perfect 12-0 to win CBCT X. North Hollywood and University A tied for second at 9-3, splitting their two games.  A total of eight teams attended the tournament at UC Irvine, which used HSAPQ Tourn-15.

Rancho Bernardo, North Hollywood, University A, and University B all qualified for the 2011 PACE NSC.

Tournament statistics can be found here.

UCSD Triton Fall Tournament- 11/13 @ UCSD

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UCSD Quizbowl is pleased to announce our second-annual Triton Fall Tournament, to be held at UCSD on Saturday, November 13th.

QUESTIONS: The questions will come from the Harvard Fall Tournament, written by the members of the Harvard Quizbowl team. You can see past HFT question sets (which make for excellent preparation material- many similar answers will most likely come up again this year) at www.quizbowlpackets.com, specifically here and here.

NATIONAL QUALIFIER: We will also be seeking PACE affiliation for TFT, wherein the top percentage of teams at TFT will qualify for the 2011 PACE National Scholastic Competition, to be held in Chicago in June 2011. The more teams we have, the higher our certification level and the more teams that will qualify.

FORMAT: We plan to run a similar format of initial round-robins followed by a playoff regrouped round-robin. Matches will again be 20 tossups and up to 20 bonuses.

REGISTRATION: Please only officially register once you can be fairly certain you’ll be able to come so that we don’t have teams dropping out 24 hours before the tournament or not showing up at the tournament and messing up the schedule. Letting us know that you’re interested is also encouraged, even if you can’t commit to register yet.

We’ll be implementing a few changes in the interest of making the tournament run faster:

Teams will be allowed to have 6 players total, so 4 players and two alternates. When you register, please send us a roster with who will be on your team early on so we can set up our stat-keeping software in advance. Subsequent roster changes are fine, but the more information we have now the better.

Base fee (first team): $80
Second team and subsequent teams from the same school: $50
*Teams in difficult financial situations should contact us directly to discuss possible options
**We’re also more than happy to help with ideas on how to raise funding through quizbowl activities like tournament hosting or writing questions

-$20 for a competent moderator
-$10 for a competent scorekeeper
-$5 for buzzer system
-$5 for every 50 miles traveled, one-way, as judged by google maps from the school to UCSD

Please email tournament director Chris Chiego at ucsdqb@gmail.com with any questions or to register. We look forward to seeing a wide variety of teams from across Southern California at this tournament!

Canyon Crest Wins Triton Novice

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Canyon Crest Academy cleared the field with a perfect 11-0 record to win the Triton Novice Tournament on October 16 at UCSD. El Capitan finished second with a record of 9-2.

Fifteen teams from ten schools attended the tournament, which used NAQT IS-97A and used strict eligibility rules to allow newer players and teams to compete. Many of the teams were Academic League teams attending their first-ever tournament on pyramidal questions. Teams were divided into two preliminary brackets and played a full round robin within the bracket. The top four in each bracket advanced to the top playoff bracket and played the top four in the other bracket, while other teams played consolation games against similarly-finishing teams.

Preliminary results can be found here and playoff/consolation results here.

UCSD Wins College Novice Tournament

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UCSD A won the Early Autumn College Novice Tournament, Southern California Region, held on their home campus on October 9.

The questions and eligibility restrictions were designed to give new players and teams an introduction to collegiate quizbowl. Caltech initially cleared the field by two games, but was found to have players that did not meet the stated definition of “novice” required for eligibility at the tournament.

Final statistics

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for the tournament can be found here.

UC Irvine Wins EFT Mirror

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UC Irvine defeated UC San Diego A 415-285 in a one-game final to win the Early Fall Tournament mirror on October 3 at Pomona College.

Eight teams representing UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Caltech, Case Western, and the Claremont Colleges competed. Teams played a preliminary round robin, then divided into a top and bottom playoff bracket of four teams each. UC San Diego A and UC Irvine split their games, necessitating the final.

Preliminary statistics from the tournament can be found here, while playoff statistics (including final) can be found here.

Torrey Pines Wins TWAIN XI

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Torrey Pines A defeated University 285-195 in a one-game final to win TWAIN XI with a record of 9-1. University, which gave Torrey Pines its only loss earlier in the tournament, finished with a record of 8-2, while La Jolla A finished third with a record of 7-2. By NAQT qualification rules, all three teams qualify for the 2011 HSNCT in Atlanta.

Eighteen teams from ten different high schools attended the October 2 tournament at UCLA. Teams were divided into three preliminary brackets of six. Based on placement in the preliminary brackets, teams then advanced to one of three playoff brackets, in which they played the four teams in their playoff bracket that they had not previously played.

Torrey Pines, University, and La Jolla qualified for the 2011 NAQT HSNCT. Those three teams and Rancho Bernardo also qualified for the 2011 PACE NSC.

Statistics for the tournament can be found here.

Announcement: CBCT X at UC Irvine

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[originally posted by Dwight Wynne]

The UCI College Bowl Club is pleased to announce the return of CBCT, our annual fall high school tournament. This will be our tenth incarnation.

When and Where: This tournament will take place on Saturday, October 23 at UCI’s campus. We anticipate the tournament being in Humanities Hall but will notify teams of any changes in room assignments. Teams should show up no later than 9:00 AM; we expect gameplay to begin no later than 9:30.

Format: We will be using HSAPQ’s fall invitational tournament set. The length, style, and difficulty of the questions are similar to last year’s HSAPQ Tourn-9 and Tourn-10, which can be freely downloaded (along with all of HSAPQ’s other sets from last year) here. We will be using ACF-style rules with 15-point powers. The major difference between these rules and rules for untimed NAQT is that players have 5 seconds to buzz in at the end of the tossup and 5 seconds to begin a response after buzzing in. Please contact me if you have any questions about HSAPQ or ACF-style rules.

We expect that the top 2 teams will qualify for the 2011 PACE NSC. Should we reach a field size of 20 teams, the top 4 teams would qualify for the 2011 PACE NSC. In the past this tournament has received PACE’s Gold Certification status; should we achieve that status again, the next two teams would also qualify.

Pricing Structure:
Base Fee: $80 for the first team, $70 for subsequent teams
Per-School Discounts:
-$5 for each working buzzer
-$5 for each full-time scorekeeper (this function can be fulfilled by a coach or rotating fifth player who keeps official score in all games involving his or her team)
-$15 for each approved full-time moderator
-$5 per 100 miles traveled one-way (From your school to our school)
Minimum fee: $50 per team

New School Discount: Schools that have not attended a tournament at UCI in the past 3 years play for the minimum per-team fee.
Self-Sufficiency Discount: Schools that bring two teams, one working buzzer, and one approved moderator pay $90 total for those two teams. As this is below the per-team minimum fee, no other discounts apply towards those two teams, but additional discounts may be counted for third and subsequent teams.

Payment should be brought to the tournament and can be in cash or by personal or organizational check. Checks should be made out to “College Bowl Club at UCI.” If you cannot bring payment with you to the tournament, or wish to mail a check in advance, please contact the tournament directors prior to the tournament. Failure to pay the day
of the tournament, or make other arrangements prior to the tournament, may result in a late fee of $10.

The tournament directors are Kevin Nuno (knuno@uci.edu) and Dwight Wynne (dpwynne@gmail.com). To register, e-mail both directors with your school’s name, coach (or representative) name and e-mail address, the number of teams you would like to bring, and any applicable discounts you plan to take advantage of. We have capped the tournament at 14 teams, but expect to have the room space to accommodate up to 24 teams, buzzers and moderators permitting.

Updates will be primarily through the SoCalHSQuizbowl google group. This announcement will also be publicly viewable on socalquizbowl.org. Please contact the tournament directors if you have any questions.

Announcement: TPOT at Torrey Pines

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[originally posted elsewhere  by Sharad Vikram]

Torrey Pines High School will be hosting the TPOT(“tea-pot”), its first ever pyramidal tournament, on Saturday, February 5th, 2011.

Lecture Hall (and other rooms) at Torrey Pines High School, located at 3710 Del Mar Heights Road, San Diego, CA, 92130.

SCHEDULE: will be announced later

Breakfast will be provided. There are several options for lunch near the school.

The questions will be written by current and former Torrey Pines players and players from St. Anselm’s High School in Washington, DC. The length and difficulty of the questions are approximated by last year’s HSAPQ tournaments (Tourn-8, Tourn-9, Tourn-10), which can be freely downloaded here.

4/4 Literature (4 tossups and 4 bonuses from literature)
4/4 History
4/4 Science (theoretical math is included, computational math is not)
2/3 or 3/2 Fine Arts
2/3 or 3/2 Religion/Mythology/Philosophy
1/1 Social Science
1/1 Geography
1/1 Popular Culture

The questions will be at least 5 lines long and capped at 6 (10pt Times New Roman, 1’ margins). There will be 14 packets, two of which will be finals and thus harder than the other packets. We hope to release a sample packet some time before the date.

$80/team ($70 for each subsequent team)
-$10 (off total cost) for a new school (which is one that hasn’t attended a pyramidal tournament in at least one year)
-$5 (off total cost) for a buzzer system (at least 4 per side with lockout)
Minimum fee for a team is $60

Send an email to sharad.vikram@gmail.com if your school would like to register.

Please include the following:
1. your school’s name
2. the number of teams being registered
3. if you are bringing any buzzers
4. if you qualify for a new school discount
5. your appropriate registration fee

If you are interested in attending but not officially registering, please send an email to sharad.vikram@gmail.com telling me so.

Announcement: San Diego JV Invitational at UCSD

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[originally posted elsewhere by Brian Tsui]

The UCSD quizbowl club is pleased to announce a JV tournament on October 16, 2010. We will be using NAQT set IS-97A.

As this is a JV tournament, there will be strict rules of eligibility. Eligible players for this tournament will include only freshmen, sophomores, and juniors or seniors who have played less than one year of quizbowl. Academic League participation will not count toward this restriction.

The fee structure for this tournament is:

70 dollars for the first team from a school
-10 dollars for staffers
-5 dollars for functional buzzers

We’re going to cap this tournament at 16 teams for now, pending interest and available staffers, so if your team is interested in this, please email us at ucsdqb [AT] gmail.com.

This tournament will start at 9 AM.