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History Bowl Regional (2/11) at University High (Irvine)

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University High School (Irvine) is pleased to announce it is the site of a National History Bee and Bowl Regional Competition.

Location: University High School, 4771 Campus Drive, Irvine CA 92603

Date: The tournament is scheduled for February 11, 2012.

Registration: Register at this website.

Format: The tournament will be running on the History Bowl Regional C Set. We will be following the official History Bowl rules found at http://www.historybowl.com/. History Bowl sets are written by HSAPQ.

Nationals Qualification: Qualifying for the National History Bee and Bowl at Washington, D.C. on 4/28-4/29 will follow the official qualification guidelines listed at http://www.historybowl.com/

Eligibility: All high school students are welcome to attend.

Registration: Please register online by going to this website and clicking the “Register Here” button on the left. The registration should be open within the next few days, and schools must register teams/individuals by 6 PM Eastern time on February 9th(?).

Please note that this is the closest planned History Bowl regional tournament to the San Diego area.

Students who would like to participate but cannot attend on this date are encouraged to attend the History Bowl Regional Tournament on Regional B set at Whitney High School in Cerritos on March 3. Teams already signed up for that event can participate in this tournament as well, as the tournaments are on different sets.

Announcement: TPOT II at Torrey Pines (2/25/12)

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Torrey Pines High School is proud to announce its second annual TPOT II (pronounced tea-pot) to be held on Saturday, February 25, 2012.

To register, please email dowon.kim96 at gmail with “TPOT” and your school’s name in the subject line. The field will be capped at 24 teams.

**This tournament has been platinum-certified by the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (http://www.pace-nsc.org) and the top 25% of the teams will qualify for the National Scholastics Championship on June 9-10, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri.

The questions are written by Torrey Pines and Richard Montgomery members in standard mACF format (20 pyramidal tossups, powermarked, 30-point 3-part bonuses, no comp math), with an academic tiebreaker per set. We are aiming for regular difficulty. The distribution is as folows:

4/4 Literature
4/4 History
4/4 Science
3/3 Fine Arts
2/2 Religion, Mythology, and Philosophy
1/1 Social Science
1/1 Geography
1/1 Trash

Last year’s set can be found here.

Tournament Format
It will be in mACF format (20/20 per match, 1 TU as tiebreak, no bouncebacks or powers, untimed).

Fee Structure
$80 for first team
$70 for subsequent teams
-$10 for each working buzzer system
-$5 for every 50 miles traveled
Minimum fee: $50 per team
Other discounts can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Announcement: Carnal Embrace VI at Arcadia (2/18)

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Arcadia Quiz Bowl is pleased to announce:

Arcadia Carnal Embrace VI

LOCATION: Arcadia High School, 180 Campus Dr., Arcadia CA 91007

DATE: The tournament will be held on February 18, 2012. Check-in begins at 8:00 am, and first round should begin around 9 am. Schedules will be distributed at check-in.

FORMAT: The tournament will be using NAQT IS-111. The tournament will adhere to Official NAQT Rules. Each round will be run as untimed, 10-question halves, with a preliminary round robin followed by reseeding based on results from the round robin phase. Seedings in the individual sub-brackets will be determined by the overall win-loss record.

Ties for reseedings will be resolved based on points per bonus, followed by points per game.

As stated in the NAQT HSNCT (High School National Championship Tournament) qualification rules, the top 15% of the field will qualify for the HSNCT held in Atlanta, Georgia.

ELIGIBILITY: All high school students are welcome to attend.

Base fee = $80
-$5 for a fully-functional buzzer system (Must have at least four working buzzers on both sides) There is no limit to the number of buzzers systems a school would like to bring
-$10 for each team after the first
-$10 for each team traveling distances over 100 miles, according to Google Maps
-$10 for each team that has not competed in an NAQT tournament in the past 2 years.
-$10 moderator discount (this is going to be tentative, depending on the field)

Minimum fee = $60/team

Please make checks payable to: Arcadia High School Quiz Bowl. Please do not make a check out to any other person or entity. Checks, or cash will be due at the start of the tournament during registration. Should your team not be able to provide the payment at this time, and would like to send their registration fee in advance or later, please contact the Tournament Director at to make the proper arrangements.

PRIZES: Prizes will be offered to the top teams, as well as to the top individual scorers.

REGISTRATION: The tournament director is Andrew Wang. The advisor of this tournament will be Mr. Christopher Schultz. If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please e-mail Andrew Wang at andrewwang611 at gmail with the following information:

1) Your school’s name
2) Coach (or representative) name and e-mail address
3) The number of teams you are bringing
4) The number of buzzer systems
5) Any moderators you have to offer

There is a tentative field cap of 16 teams. The field will be expanded if there is enough interest.

Updates about the tournament will primarily be through the Southern California High School Quiz Bowl listserv; in addition, they should also be posted online on the tournament announcement section on hsquizbowl.org.

Information regarding places to eat, directions to the school and directions to local eateries will be provided to all registered teams.

Andrew Wang
Tournament director

Sweetwater League Pre-Season Tournament Results

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14 teams from 8 schools in the Sweetwater Academic League competed in a Pre-Season Tournament at Mater Dei HS in Chula Vista yesterday. After figuring out some logistical issues in the morning, the tournament went smoothly and all teams got a chance to play outside their regular Academic League divisions, avoided playing their B teams, and emerged with at least one win. Southwest A was impressive throughout and emerged with the highest Points-Per-Game average and highest Points-Per-Bonus average, albeit with a single loss to Otay Ranch.

Full stats available here.

I enjoyed getting a chance to read for a lot of teams I’ve never seen before and seeing the enthusiasm almost every student had for playing. I was especially pleased to see how many appreciated pyramidal questions and favorably compared them to the previously used non-pyramidal questions. Hosting a pre-season tournament seemed like an excellent way to kick off the season and let teams scout out the competition, so I hope other Academic Leagues consider such a tournament. Best of luck to these teams as they continue their season.

Triton Winter Field Update

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Field Update (as of 1/20/12)
Rancho Alamitos (1)
Tustin (2)
Torrey Pines (2)
Westview (2)
La Jolla (3)
Irvine (2)
Francis Parker (2)
Canyon Crest (2)
North Hollywood (2)
Scripps Ranch (?)
Southwest (1)
Rancho Bernardo (3)
El Capitan (1)
Eastlake (1)
La Jolla Country Day (1)

Total: Now 25 after a spate of drops.

This tournament has been Platinum-Certified by PACE, meaning the top 25% of teams will score an invite to the 2012 PACE NSC.

Also, Baby Anteater still has plenty of spots for novice or JV teams.  This may be the only JV tournament for the rest of the year, so be sure to sign up soon if you want to get your younger players some good match experience.

ACF Regionals at UCSD (2/18/12)

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(posting on behalf of Auroni)

UCSD will be hosting ACF Regionals on February 18, 2012. This is a packet submission event of regular college difficulty that will be playable by every circuit team. Auroni Gupta will be the TD for this tournament.

The fees are taken from http://acf-quizbowl.com/documents/packe … ines/#fees and are as follows:

Base fee – $120/team ($120 for one team from a school, $240 for two teams from a school, etc.)
Buzzers – -$5 each (No discount for broken buzzers; no maximum.)
Staffers – -$10 each (No maximum.)
Laptop – -$5 each (To encourage sites to run digital tournaments and keep stats properly, all hosts will be required to offer laptop discounts. Maximum 1 per team.)
Travel – -$10 per 200 miles (-$10 for travelling over 200 miles (one way), -$20 for travelling over 400 miles, etc.)
International – -$20 (For teams representing schools located in a different country than the tournament host.)
New ACF teams – -$25 (For schools who did not send a team to ACF Fall, Regionals, or Nationals between September 2009 and August 2011, and have no one on the team(s) claiming this discount who played those tournaments for another school.)
New quizbowl teams – -$75 (For schools who did not send a team to any regular collegiate academic tournament since September 2009, and have no one on the team(s) claiming this discount who played those tournaments for another school. May be combined with new ACF team discount for a total new-team discount of $100.)

This is the packet discount schedule:

December 26, 2011: -$50 (You get an extra day for Christmas, what a deal!)
January 8, 2012: -$25 (-$50 for optional packets)
January 22, 2012: no penalty (-$25 for optional packets)
January 29, 2012: +$25
February 5, 2012: +$50

I know that it’s winter break for most people, but the -50 discount is rapidly coming up for required packets. By the way, any team with at least one person on it who played a regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournament (either as a college student or as a high school student) prior to September 1, 2010 is required to submit a packet for this event. Packets should be emailed to head editor Trevor Davis (TheBokonon@gmail.com) and include “ACF Regionals packet” and the name of your school in the subject line. In order to meet any particular deadline, your packet must be in his inbox by 11:59 pm PST on the stated day.

More information about the format and location of the tournament will be specified closer to the tournament day. You may post in this thread to indicate your interest in coming, but you must email me at auronigupta@gmail.com in order to register.

Announcement: Baby Anteater XIII at Edison High School (1/28/12)

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The UCI College Bowl Club is pleased to announce Baby Anteater XIII, our annual novice tournament, in conjunction with Edison High School’s Quiz Bowl Club.

When and Where: Saturday, January 28, at Edison High School, 21400 Magnolia Street, Huntington Beach. Please note that this event is not taking place on UCI’s campus. Directions from wherever you are will be provided upon request and/or at some later date. Teams should show up no later than 8:45 AM. Gameplay will start at 9:00 AM and we anticipate being done by 4:30 PM.

Format: We will be using NAQT IS-112A. We will be using official NAQT rules, except that all matches will consist of 20 tossups (untimed rounds). Because of the eligibility rules (see below), this is not intended as a nationals qualifier.

Eligibility: Any players for whom this is their first tournament are eligible. Any player whose first quiz bowl tournament was during the 2010-11 or 2011-12 school year is also eligible to play in this tournament; however, particularly precocious new players should judge for themselves whether this tournament is right for them. Participation in league play, such as Academic League or Kiwanis Bowl, does not count toward this two year rule. Coaches may request exemptions for players or entire teams who meet the spirit, but not the letter, of the rules. Coaches should submit by e-mail to the tournament director a team roster, containing each player’s first and last name and grade in school, no later than Thursday, January 26.

Pricing Structure:
Base Fee: $80 for the first team, $70 for subsequent teams
Per-School Discounts:
-$10 for each working buzzer
-$5 for each full-time scorekeeper (this function can be fulfilled by a coach or rotating fifth player who keeps official score in all games involving his or her team)
-$15 for each approved full-time moderator (both coaches and older players are welcome to moderate)
-$10 per 100 miles traveled one-way (From your school to the tournament site)
Minimum fee: $45 per team

New School Discount: Schools that have not attended a UCI-run tournament in the past 3 years play for the minimum per-team fee.
Self-Sufficiency Discount: Schools that bring two teams, one working buzzer, and one approved moderator pay a total of $90 for those two teams. Additional discounts may be counted for third and subsequent teams.

Payment should be brought to the tournament and can be in cash or by personal or organizational check. Checks should be made out to “College Bowl Club at UCI.” If you cannot bring payment with you to the tournament, or wish to mail a check in advance, please contact the tournament director prior to the tournament. Failure to pay the day of the tournament, or make other arrangements prior to the tournament, may result in a late fee of $10.

The tournament director is Dwight Wynne (dpwynne AT gmail). The site contact is Marcos Cabrera (mk.cabrera AT hbuhsd DOT edu). To register, e-mail the tournament director with your school’s name, coach (or representative) name and e-mail address, the number of teams you would like to bring, and any applicable discounts you plan to take advantage of. We have capped the tournament at 27 teams, though we may increase or decrease that number at our discretion based on estimates of staff and buzzer counts.

Southern California Spring Quarter High School Quizbowl Schedule

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[Updated 5/6 ]

Date Tournament Place Set Qualifies for Contact to Register
5/19/12 Triton Spring II UCSD  BHSAT ucsdqb@gmail.com
5/26/12 NAQT Nationals  Atlanta, GA  HSNCT
6/9/12 PACE Nationals  St. Louis, MO  PACE NSC

If you know of any other high school quiz bowl tournaments in SoCal scheduled for this quarter, let us know.  Schools are always welcome to host a tournament of their own on open dates (let us know and we can help you get started!).

Triton Fall IV Results and Discussion

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Many thanks to the 23 teams who braved torrential rains all day long to make it out to the fourth annual Triton Fall Tournament. After the initial pooled round-robins, we rebracketed into two championship brackets and two consolation brackets. After playing another round-robin in those and breaking ties by playing half-games, we then played cross-bracket matches between the two championship brackets for 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th place.

After Canyon Crest dropped their final regular match, Canyon Crest and Torrey Pines A squared off in a tiebreak that Torrey Pines A won to advance to the final. In the other championship bracket, La Jolla beat Rancho Bernardo A to also advance to the final. After a thrilling match, Torrey Pines A emerged triumphant 355-340 to claim 1st place, with La Jolla falling to 2nd. Canyon Crest beat RB A to take 3rd. Full stats are available here.

To stir up discussion, here’s my take on the SoCal teams thus far in the season. Overall though, there’s a lot of parity at the top, albeit no true national title contenders:

1. Arcadia. A strong group of returning veterans has taken charge and built up Arcadia into SoCal’s best shot at a national title contender this year. To get to the top-20 level though, they’ll need to seek out some stronger competition and more difficult, nationals-levels questions. Consistently beating all their fellow SoCal teams would help too, but getting matches against an elite HS team like Bellarmine could help them calibrate how far they need to go to make a run at nationals.

2. Torrey Pines. They played very sloppily at TFT and have a tendency to make bad negs on reflex buzzes, but they also showed great focus and gamemanship in overcoming those issues to pull out wins. Dowon adds a legitimate #2 scoring threat (in addition to TP’s copyrighted generalist-of-the-year, Justin), something that’s lacking on many other SoCal teams. I would also venture to say that TP knows the quizbowl canon better than any other team in SoCal at this point–there’s no topic that flusters them and they pick up a good number of TUs on the more obscure categories that you don’t regularly encounter in classes. On the other hand, they seem to lack depth in a number of areas and that could haunt them against a strongly-balanced specialist team.

3.  La Jolla. Erica remains one of the top lit players in the country and has developed a solid supporting cast (which will be more solid when all of their top players get a chance to play together, something that I don’t believe has happened yet this season). At this point they could be +/- 1 spot here in the rankings, so more data points from future tournaments will help. Their bonus conversion and Power-to-Neg ratio have been superb.

4. Canyon Crest. Despite missing most of their A team due to a math competition, Anthony alone nearly single-handedly won TFT with an impressive combination of breadth and depth, plus a shrewd ability to capitalize on other teams’ mistakes. This team is dangerous, especially if they can develop specialists to help out in lit. and science.

5. North Hollywood. One of the relative newcomers on the SoCal quizbowl scene, NoHo has shown a fierce dedication to advanced competition this year, attending ACF Fall and driving a good distance to play in quality tournaments. They’re a well-balanced team with impressive knowledge bases in unique areas, which bodes well for their performance on higher-level questions. All they need to do now is study the canon more and develop their buzzer skills in order to win more of the buzzer races against top teams. More match experience should also help them overcome a slight tendency to get flustered after missing a TU.

6. Rancho Bernardo. David remains an excellent generalist and he’s got some help, but RB faces a crowded field up here at the top and doesn’t really have a comparative advantage compared to some of their competitors (though at TFT I noticed they had a cheering section; an interesting innovation).

7. Irvine. Another new-ish team that has a lot of kinks to work out, but also a lot of potential to develop into a stronger team as they gain more experience.

8. Bishop’s. A bit of a streaky team that had one of the worst P/N ratios of the top teams at TFT, although that could be a function of falling behind an trying to catch up with riskier buzzing.

Waiting List: University, Westview, San Dieguito (really wish they would play more; great potential there)

Feel free to use this as bulletin board material, as you deem it appropriate.


Triton Fall Field Update

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With less than a week to go before the 4th-annual Triton Fall Tournament, we’ve reached our field cap at 25 teams (from 15 different schools). Please let us know ASAP if anything on this list is incorrect; we’re still getting interest from other teams, so we’ll have to start a waitlist and see if any team drops. We could also use a few more buzzers and moderators, so let us know as well if you’ll bring those.

Torrey Pines 2
Westview 2
Olympian 1
University 1
Canyon Crest 2
Bishop’s 3
Irvine 3
Francis Parker 1
Eastlake 2
RB 2
LJ 1
Tustin 1
Carlsbad 2
Scripps Ranch 1
NoHo 1
Total: 25