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Westview A wins Triton Winter IV @ UCSD (02/01/2014)

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UCSD aerial

Westview A went undefeated to take home the Triton Winter IV title last Saturday. Torrey Pines A left after winning the Champs 2 bracket in playoffs, forfeiting their championship matches and making semifinals unnecessary. They automatically entered the 4th place slot while North Hollywood A took 3rd. The finals came down to a game between Westview A and La Jolla A, with Westview emerging victorious. Final standings are as follows:

Finishing Order:

RankTeamWin-LossPoints per bonus
1Westview A9-026.06
2La Jolla A7-222.19
3North Hollywood A6-223.06
4Torrey Pines A7-123.58
5 (tie)Canyon Crest A5-321.16
5 (tie)Madison A6-218.52
6 (tie)Capistrano Valley A4-419.79
6 (tie)North Hollywood B3-517.39
6 (tie)Rancho Bernardo A4-419.66
6 (tie)Scripps Ranch A4-419.30

Full statistics: Prelims | Combined

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Triton Winter IV @ UCSD (02/01/2014) [BELLOCO]

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UCSD is pleased to announce the fourth iteration of Triton Winter on February 1st, 2014

QUESTIONS: We are mirroring the 2014 BELLOCO set, written by Bellarmine High School. Information about the set can be found here.

LOCATION9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, California, 92093.
We are most likely using our usual spot at the Humanities and Social Sciences Building. We will send out additional information to registered teams as the tournament approaches, both by contact email and through the HSQuizBowl forum thread and this post.

TIME: Please check in before 9:00 AM. The tournament should end around 5 PM and end no later than 6 PM.

FORMAT: We plan to run a format of initial round-robins followed by a playoff in regrouped round-robins. Matches will be 20 pyramidal tossups and up to 20 bonuses.

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2013 High School Fall Rankings

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fall season rankingsSoCalQuizBowl.org is proud to present their Fall 2013 rankings, a top 10 list of high school quiz bowl teams in Southern California. Any Southern California high school team that has competed at a tournament from the beginning of the 2013-2014 season until Arcadia AXOLOTL on November 23, 2013 is eligible for ranking. Ranks are determined through Win-Loss records, stats (points-per-bonus, points-per-game, power/neg if applicable, tossup/neg), and a poll of the SoCalQuizBowl Facebook Group.

Points for the poll are calculated by assigning 10 points to a first place vote, 9 to a second, 8 to third, etc. A team’s score on the poll affects, but does not dictate, their place on this ranking. There were 25 responses.
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Santa Monica A goes undefeated at Arcadia Invitational (11/23/13)

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Arcadia quiz bowl banner

In their first appearance on the Southern California quiz bowl arena since last April’s state championships, Santa Monica A cleared the field at Arcadia’s invitational tournament AXOLOTL, earning the team its first qualification spot for the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament, and reaffirming to all of us that the Los Angeles quiz bowl circuit is still competitive and well. At the end of the day, Santa Monica won the tournament with an uncontested 10-0 record, leaving three other teams to compete for 2nd place. Final stands are as follows:

RankTeamWin-LossPoints per bonus
1Santa Monica A10-022.36
2 (tied)North Hollywood A7-323.55
2 (tied)North Hollywood B7-319.81
2 (tied)La Jolla A7-321.26
5 (tied)Rancho Bernardo A6-417.86
5 (tied)Westview A6-419.22
5 (tied)Santa Monica B6-420.40
5 (tied)Irvine A6-420.19
9Torrey Pines A5-520.62
10Irvine B4-616.75

Full statistics: Prelims | Playoffs | Combined

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Morlan Top 100 High School Rankings (11/13/2013)

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The first substantive iteration of Morlan’s National Top 100 Rankings was published today.

A noteworthy 11 teams from Southern California appear on the list, beating out our northern counterparts and Illinois for the highest number of entries.

For those unfamiliar with the Morlan’s Top 100, they are a set of regularly-published rankings are a statistics-based and sometimes controversial poll of the strongest teams in the nation–by each season’s end, Fred Morlan will have taken hundreds of tournaments and thousands of teams all across the United States into consideration. These rankings are the most commonly-referenced high school poll in national discussion, and have been widely used for outreach and publicity purposes.

Congratulations to Southern California teams appearing on the list:

Top 100 in the Nation
2) Arcadia A
16) North Hollywood A
17) Canyon Crest A
24) Westview A
36) University A
40) Arcadia B
44) Torrey Pines A
60) Torrey Pines B
67) La Jolla A
99) Bishop’s A
100) Irvine A

California Conquers Arizona

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Madison High School stormed across the Sonoran Desert last weekend, advancing up the I-8 corridor (with a brief stop at the border outpost of Cracker Barrel) to face the combined might of Arizona’s best quizbowl teams along the banks of the Salt River at the AQA November NAQT qualifier.  When the day ended, the Arizona teams were left scattered and stunned by the whirlwind from the West, with Madison collecting its first-ever tournament victory, a berth in the NAQT HSNCT, and the coveted Power Plaque for lead scorer Regan (who nearly broke the 100PPG barrier). Although some of the AZ teams were missing a few players, Madison was also missing their science specialist and their fourth A-teamer as well.

This result underscores several points, one of which is just how competitive the SoCal circuit has grown in the last few years. A team that’s anywhere in the top 10 of SoCal teams is probably the best team in many other areas of the country, which we sometimes forget when viewing the usual suspects clustered atop the standings of numerous SoCal tournaments.

Another thing I like about Madison this year is how aggressive they (or at least their lead scorer Regan) are playing. Though they’re a step below the very top teams in SoCal, they’re doing their best to maximize their chances of victory by being relatively aggressive on the tossups and thus make up for their lower PPB. This gambling style naturally suits their roots in buzzer-speed-based Academic League competition and gives them their best shot at taking down higher-tier teams.

Finally, with communications with Arizona opened up in the aftermath of Madison’s victory, there may be some intriguing new faces at SoCal tournaments in the future. If a permanent good quizbowl garrison can be installed in Yuma, that town would be a natural halfway point for the best of Arizona to face the best of SoCal on a semi-regular basis. Let’s hope this won’t be just a one-time event.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other example of a SoCal team going on the road this week to another region, this time Arcadia A traveling north to the Bay Area to face the re-invigorated Northern California circuit. Alas for SoCal, Arcadia had a tough time, hitting several negstorms en route to losing to a Sameer-less Bellarmine team twice and a big upset loss to Amador Valley. With even more good schools coming out of the woodwork, a very active middle school circuit being built up, and the terrifying prospect of a Bellarmine dynasty in the works (their lead scorer in the prelims? a freshman), SoCal’s top teams are going to have to step up their game against their Northern neighbors.

NHBB Regional B-Set @ University High School (1/11/2014)

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University High School in Irvine (address) will host the National History Bee and Bowl B-Set Regionals on January 11, 2014. The registration deadline for this tournament is on January 9, 2014 at 7 PM PST.

For those unfamiliar with the NHBB structure, the competition is an offshoot of pyramidal quiz bowl with a unique format (four-quarter and similar to old-school formats) and distribution designed to test history, geography, and current events specialists. History Bowl is the main event and will be played in teams of four at a time, and History Bee is a event for individual players that takes place throughout the day in between History Bowl rounds. Certain teams/individuals who do well enough will qualify for the National History Bee and Bowl national competition in Washington DC at the end of the season.

In addition, the tournament hosts will administer the United States Geography Olympiad National Qualifying Exam (on which Kevin Li of Westview High School and Wesley Zhang of Carmel Valley Middle School scored an impressive 95 and 84 respectively) for interested players during lunch.

For more information and the registration link, see here.

Arcadia A wins IHOP III @ Irvine (10/26/2013)

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Arcadia A defeated University A and North Hollywood A in the semifinals and finals respectively to take home first place last Saturday.

Finishing Order:
1st) Arcadia A (12-0, 552.5 PPG, 25.14 PPB)
2nd) North Hollywood A (10-2, 369.6 PPG, 22.56 PPB)
3rd) Canyon Crest A (9-3, 390.4 PPG, 22.17 PPB)
4th) University A (8-4, 359.6 PPG, 22.04 PPB)
5th) Westview A (8-2, 356.5PPG, 22.5 PPB)
t-5th*) Arcadia B (6-4, 311.5 PPG, 19.55 PPB)
*According to NAQT standards, which uses only the final tournament bracket place and does not tie-break using stats.

(According to NAQT rules, the top 5 teams at IHOP III qualify for NAQT High School National Championships at the end of this season. Teams are encouraged to make plans sooner rather than later. The top 8 placing teams or so also qualify for PACE-NSC, a community organized national tournament in June, and these teams will be contacted soon.)

The field consisted of 30 teams, including a newcomer to the larger SoCal scene, Tesoro High School. As in the past, last Saturday’s Irvine tournament was well-received in terms of moderator quality, efficiency, and organization.

Full stats can be found here.

As always, a few comments about the tournament and statistics to spur discussion:

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Warhawk II @ Madison HS (12/07/13) [IS-131A, MS-7]

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Madison High School is pleased to announce the second annual Warhawk Invitational, which will be held on 7 December 2013 at Madison High School. Warhawk II shall run two tournaments simultaneously — a novice high school division and a middle school division.

Region capture 1

DATE/TIME: Warhawk Invitational II shall take place on Saturday, 7 December 2013. Check-in shall begin at 8:00 A.M., and matches shall begin promptly at 9:00 A.M.

LOCATION: Warhawk Invitational II shall take place at Madison High School (4833 Doliva Drive, San Diego, CA 92117). The campus can be entered from Kesling Street. A preliminary meeting shall be held in room 101, and the matches themselves shall take place in the classrooms in the 100 through the 400 buildings. A map of the campus can be found here.

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La Jolla Wins Triton Novice IV, Capistrano Valley takes Second (10/12/2013)

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Edit: Apparently, an error in one of the playoffs stat sheets reported Capo Valley as winning one of the games when in reality, they had lost. As a result, there should not have been a final match and La Jolla would have proceeded to take first. We apologize for the misinformation

Capistrano Valley High School A defeated La Jolla 290-280 in a close final today to take home first place at Triton Novice IV. Canyon Crest A placed 3rd, going 3-2 in the championship playoffs bracket. The tournament ran efficiently without any organizational snags and ended at 4 PM, largely in part due to every registered team being extremely punctual.

Congratulations to all the novices for coming out to compete today and playing very well on questions unexpectedly harder than what they were marketed as.

Full stats for prelims and playoffs can be found here. Bracket X of playoffs determines 1st-6th place, Bracket Y determines 7th-12th place, and Bracket Z determines 13th-18th place. As this was a novice tournament, seeding for prelims was done using a randomizer with a small amount of doctoring to prevent teams from the same school playing against each other.

As always, to spur discussion in the comments section, here are a few stray observations:

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