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Del Norte Wins Beaver Fever @ Caltech (2/10/18)

By posted February 11th, 2018

Del Norte defeated Whitney C in the finals, 360 – 280, to win Beaver Fever. Stats can be viewed here.

Rank Team Record PPB
1 Del Norte 9 – 2 18.41
2 Whitney C 8 – 3 16.17
3 Canyon Crest 7 – 3 17.47
4 Arcadia B 7 – 3 18.47

Individual Performance:

Rank Name Team PPG
1 Ryan C. Whitney B 102.14
2 Crystal W. Whitney C 88.57
3 Sara R. Whitney A 79.29
4 Michael K. Glendale 66.43

Note: The PPGs and PPBs shown above are from the preliminary rounds only.

Some thoughts:

  • Del Norte proves again and again that they are one of the strongest underclassmen teams in Southern California. Science player Kyle K. leads the team with an impressive PPG. Furthermore, the rest of the team is still mostly balanced. I think in the years to come, Del Norte could become a nationals team. We’ll look out for that.
  • Whitney made a very strong showing at their first tournament. The top three players yesterday were all from Whitney. Additionally, Whitney C came in second overall and didn’t neg very often. With some more experience at tournaments, they’ll be a school that people better watch out for.
  • Arcadia B went undefeated during prelims and had the highest PPB, showing some serious potential. However, they got shut out in the playoffs, which has me wondering if they had a food coma. Less food comas and less negs will help Arcadia B out in the future I hope. Overall, Arcadia is well rounded and will be a strong contender.
  • Michael K. from Glendale and Joshua M. from Fullerton Union both performed very well individually yesterday. If their teammates help cover some more topics, we could see them moving up the ranks. I look forward to seeing them play at some more tournaments.
  • Southern California novice players show a lot of potential. Many of the teams yesterday had one player scoring over half of that team’s points. However, again, none of the teams broke 20 PPB, so teams need to continue filling in the knowledge gaps. More studying and maybe shuffling rosters could help improve topic coverage on each team.
  • Huge thank you to Henry B. for running the tournament! The tournament drew many new-ish teams from the LA area and returning teams from SD.

Some thoughts on staffing:

Thank you to all the people that came out to staff yesterday. In the future, we do want to keep in mind that all staffers, regardless of if they are from the host school or not, should be well trained. When bringing staffers please make sure that they can read questions well and/or scorekeep quickly and accurately. If they have never staffed at a quizbowl tournament before, please familiarize them with the rules beforehand. And just a thought- I’ve never tried this before, but maybe tournament directors can have some sort of supplementary Google form for schools bringing staffers to indicate their staffer’s level of experience; contact info; and if they can moderate, scorekeep, or both. For host schools supplying their own moderators and scorekeepers, I recommend setting up multiple training sessions for them to ensure the quality of your own staffers. Moderators and scorekeepers are a huge part of running an efficient tournament, so please keep these things in mind when sending staffers and directing tournaments!

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