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Canyon Crest wins OASIS @ Olympian HS

By posted January 17th, 2018

Canyon Crest defeated Olympian A in the finals 390 – 285 to win OASIS. Varsity stats can be found here.

Final Standings:

Rank Team Record PPB
1 Canyon Crest 10 – 1 23.87
2 Olympian A 8 – 3 22.65
3 Westview A 8 – 2 22.32
4 Olympian B 6 – 4 20.19

Prelims Individual Performance:

Rank Name Team PPG
1 Andrew H. Arcadia A 113.33
2 Daniel W. Canyon Crest 68.89
3 Brian H. Otay Ranch 63.06
4 Kevin Y. Westview A 58.89

Some thoughts:

  • Olympian A and Olympian B both finish in the top 4, again demonstrating the depth of their program. Olympian A’s science player Ocean Z. unfortunately had to leave partway through the tournament, making their 2nd place finish all the more impressive.
  • Alan Z. and Raymond S. from Canyon Crest seem to cover the non science/history categories adequately, although they’ll want to curb their propensities towards negging – harder sets will be less forgiving.
  • In prelims, Westview A upset Canyon Crest again in a thriller that came down to the final tossup, but they fell to a more consistent Olympian team in playoffs. Kevin Y.’s supporting cast continues to improve – they kind of remind me of 2016’s Canyon Crest team, which also consisted of a veteran senior leading three sophomores.
  • Arcadia sends two fragmented teams, with Andrew H. playing solo, so I don’t want to draw too many conclusions from their performance, but Andrew put up a ridiculous scoreline as usual. His solo PPB of 20.37 is really impressive – with actual teammates I expect they’ll start to approach the nationwide top 25.
  • Otay Ranch and Francis Parker make their season debuts. Both are led by strong individual players in Brian H. and Garret H., respectively, and I look forward to seeing them at future tournaments.
  • La Jolla’s Sam K. and Jennifer A. combine for over 80 PPG – La Jolla should look to build around their knowledge gaps to become a playoff contender in the future.
  • Future tournament hosts, especially those running on housewrite sets, should look to reach out to schools in local Academic Leagues, particularly those in the Sweetwater and San Diego City Academic Leagues, as it’s evident that there are plenty of teams already playing pyrimidal questions that can and should be introduced to the SoCalQB community.
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