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Canyon Crest A wins the SoCal State Championship @ Westview HS (3/25/17)

By posted March 26th, 2017

Canyon Crest A defeated Arcadia A in the finals, 345 – 195, to win the 2017 Southern California State Championship. Del Norte B defeated San Dieguito A, 225 – 110, to win the JV title. Full stats available here.

Team performance:

Rank Team Record PPB
1 Canyon Crest A 9 – 2 22.73
2 Arcadia A 9 – 2 21.97
3 Torrey Pines A 9 – 2 21.51
4 Rancho Bernardo A 8 – 3 18.53
JV 1 Del Norte B 4 – 7 15.79
JV 2 San Dieguito 4 – 7 17.84

Individual performance:

Rank Name Team PPG
1 James M. La Jolla A 135.00
2 Keoni R. Cathedral A 88.00
3 Thomas F. Torrey Pines A 86.00
4 Bryan U. Rancho Bernardo A 73.00
JV 1 Wesley Z. Canyon Crest B 68.00
JV 2 Andrew H. Arcadia A 61.00
JV 3 Daniel S. Mesa Verde 43.33
JV 4 Junu S. Westview 43.00

Some thoughts concerning the tournament:

  • Awarding top JV individuals and teams is a nice touch in a combined-field tournament that upcoming hosts should look into. In a circuit where the top bracket is stacked to the brim with nationals-calibre teams, it’s nice to recognize the accomplishments of underclasspeople and teams new to the circuit.
  • Some interesting close shaves occurred during the preliminary rounds. Del Norte B beat out Del Norte A to crack the top bracket by nudging 0.15 points-per-bonus (PPB) ahead in the PPB tiebreaker. The “Three Men in a Boat” bracket had a double circle-of-death: Cathedral AIrvine A, and Arcadia C each dropped one game to each other, whereas Diamond BarScripps Ranch, and St. Augustine A each won a single game against each other. Scripps Ranch, in particular, suffered from an underpersonned team, with lead scorer Joon Lee (11) only showing up in the playoff rounds to push his team to the top of the second consolation bracket.
  • Looking at other circuits who played the same question set (NAQT Invitational Series (IS) #166), Southern California has some tough competition around the country: Canyon Crest A‘s 22.73 PPB is matched by Missouri’s Washington A (21.48 PPB), Maryland’s Montgomery Blair A (22.76 PPB) and Richard Montgomery (23.51 PPB), and South Carolina’s Dorman A (21.65 PPB).
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