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Black Mountain A sweeps MEMES I @ Scripps Ranch HS

By posted December 21st, 2017

Black Mountain A beats Mesa Verde A 480 – 175 in the finals to win MEMES I. Full stats here.

Rank Team Record PPB
1 Black Mountain A 11 – 0 22.42
2 Mesa Verde A 10 – 1 21.22
3 Francis Parker A 9 – 1 21.26
4 Oak Valley A 9 – 1 20.04

Individual Performance:

Rank Name Team PPG
1 Andrew C. Christ Lutheran A 80.50
2 Andrew G. Carmel Valley A 75.50
3 Aakarsh V. Mesa Verde A 72.27
4 Zachary P. Francis Parker A 68.28

Some thoughts:

  • The middle school quizbowl scene in SoCal is huge. 36 teams showed up to MEMES I, and there was a healthy number on the waitlist. Schools that had never heard of quizbowl three years ago are now fielding 4-5 teams.
  • Despite this, only four teams managed over 20 points per bonus during playoffs. Those four teams – Mesa Verde A, Oak Valley A, Francis Parker A, and Black Mountain A – all performed distinctly better than other Champ pool teams, and are the teams to beat in SoCal.
  • Carmel Valley, despite lukewarm finishes for both its A and B teams, has some great individual talent in Andrew Gao (A, 75.5 PPG) and Leo Gu (B, 59.0 PPG). If they combine forces, they could effectively contest the top tier teams.
  • Andrew Cowling led Christ Lutheran to a Champs bracket berth entirely by himself, and also paced the field in PPG. Although he struggled in playoffs, he could be a serious threat to the top four teams with some support from teammates.
  • Francis Parker has a pair of budding stars in Ari Mazow and Zachary Portnoy, who combined for 125 PPG. With the support of Jesse Smith (29 PPG), they have the best chance of upsetting Black Mountain.
  • Marshall is statistically on the verge of breaking into the top tier of teams, and Marshall A managed a 7-3 record (good enough for 5th and a berth at MSNCT). However, both A and B lack reliable scoring or a consistent roster. Finalizing a 4 man roster for both teams will likely be beneficial in the long run.
  • Meadowbrook A and Bernardo Heights A both had solid showings, and future results will likely depend on the development of standout players Grant West and David Fisher, respectively.
  • With respect to B teams, Black Mountain has serious potential. Their B team actually recorded over 20 points per bonus over the entire tournament, and the duo of Sara Beniwal and Aiken Wang provides consistent scoring.
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