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Bishop’s, Francis Parker B win Warhawk Invitational V (Madison HS, 30 April 2017)

By posted May 1st, 2017

In the upper division, Bishop’s defeated Westview, 310 – 215. In the lower division, Francis Parker B defeated Christ Lutheran, 460 – 100. Full stats available here.

Team performance:

Upper Lower
Rank Team Record PPB Rank Team Record PPB
1 Bishop’s 10 – 1 19.92 1 Francis Parker B 9 – 0 21.14
2 Westview 9 – 1 21.55 2 Christ Lutheran 7 – 2 16.15
T – 3 Black Mountain A 9 – 1 19.03 T – 3 Marshall A 6 – 1 18.30
T – 3 Canyon Crest 6 – 4 18.83 T – 3 Wangenheim A 5 – 3 17.77

Some thoughts about the tournament:

  • There’s some serious untapped talent in San Diego. Tournament champions Bishop’s and Francis Parker B burst back onto the scene for the first time in years with a team of rookies. Out of the upper division champs pools, Mt. Everest, Mira Mesa, and Francis Parker A were newcomers, while in the lower-division Wangenheim A finished T – 3 in their second-ever tournament appearance. These teams are hungry for more, and will make a big splash in the scene come this fall.
  • Marshall might be the circuit’s deepest middle school team. Placing all four (!!) of their teams in the championship pools and outscoring second-place Christ Lutheran in both points-per-game (PPG) and points-per-bonus (PPB) is a testament to the efforts of the team and organisation.
  • For many middle school teams, this was a litmus test for nationals. Of the seven middle school teams in the upper division, six will be flying out to Dallas in two weeks to vie for the title of best team in the country. SoCal has historically performed well, but this year continues to lag behind the likes of Connecticut and Illinois. Keep an eye on neg rates this Mother’s Day weekend; Black Mountain A and Oak Valley will see their games decided by how much their aggressiveness pays off.
  • What will SoCal look like next year? Mesa Verde‘s top scorers look to join the graduating A- and B-teamers from Black Mountain at Westview, which already boasts three members of last year’s fifth-in-the-nation squad. Meanwhile, Mission Bay and Arcadia are stocking up for next year, fielding brand-new rosters with optimistic initial results. In the lower division, Francis Parker BChrist Lutheran, and Wangenheim A are all keeping a handful of players for one more year – will a new triumvirate emerge?
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