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Triton Spring II Tournament Wrap-Up

By posted May 20th, 2012

Congratulations to Bellarmine, who flew down from San Jose to take part in the second-annual Triton Spring Tournament and ended up taking the championship. Canyon Crest A finished 2nd with La Jolla A finishing 3rd. With a 93.33 ppg average in the prelims, Nikhil Desai of Bellarmine was awarded the David Hu Memorial Award for the top scorer at the tournament.

Bellarmine is as good as advertised; even though they were missing their alleged best player, they still put up a blistering 619.2 points-per-game average in the prelims (with a 27.08 points-per-bonus line). Though they slowed a bit in the championship bracket in the playoffs, they still won their matches against the other top teams by an average of 350 PPG. Closest anyone got was Canyon Crest A, who still lost by 270 points. These guys are the real deal and were particularly gracious in victory and encouraging to new teams and players.

Canyon Crest A suffered a shocking loss in the first round to Arcadia B (more on this later), but recovered in time to steamroll the rest of the competition (besides Bellarmine). Again, the strength here seems to be the uncanny buzzer speed that Anthony has (though I’m sure he did, I don’t recall seeing him lose a buzzer race) and the solid support from each of the other CCA supporting players. Looking over the scoresheets, I did notice that CCA tends to have a slow start out of the gate against the top teams before going on a back-breaking run in the middle of the game that cements the victory. They may not be a contender for a national title, but they’re a threat to beat anyone out of the top 5 teams in the country.

Nice work by La Jolla A to show what they’re capable of when they’re at full strength. Their 330-265 victory over a (not quite full strength?) Arcadia A team was impressive and their matches against Torrey Pines A were wonderful examples of the best of SoCal quizbowl. Alas, they won’t be at the national championships this year so we’ll only be able to speculate about how much damage they could’ve done on the national scene.

Big shout-outs to the new-to-quizbowl schools who showed up (and stayed to the end!) here:  Advanced Tech (making the drive down from Las Vegas and the adjustment from Varsity Quiz), Cathedral Catholic, and Madison. Madison beat Bellarmine to several toss-ups during their match and Cathedral upset the “Islanders” team. Definitely hope to see more of these teams (most of whom, I believe, were composed of underclassmen) in the future.

Games of the tournament:

  • Arcadia B def. Canyon Crest A, 315-310. As usual, Canyon Crest had started slow and fallen behind 180-55 before roaring back in the middle of the match to take a seemingly-insurmountable 310-235 lead going into TU 19. Given that they were down by 75 points, Arcadia would have to get the last two tossups and thirty both of the bonuses to win. They proceeded to do that and emerged with an impressive victory in the first round.
  •  Torrey Pines A def. La Jolla A, 325-295.  La Jolla jumped out to a 130-35 lead before TP went on a 6-TU run to pull ahead 215-130 after TU 11. La Jolla then mounted a four-TU sweep to take the lead 240-215 after TU 15. Over the final 5 TUs, the two teams traded blows with the lead altering on each TU. Finally, on TU 20 with La Jolla clinging to a 300-285 lead, Erica from La Jolla negged and TP picked it up, then swept the bonus for the win. La Jolla later got revenge on TP with a 340-260 win in the playoffs, but both matches were worthy send-offs for the seniors from both teams.
  • Basically every game that Bellarmine played. Their blowouts of Arcadia A (535-125, with most of Arcadia’s points coming on Bellarmine negs) and La Jolla A (a ridiculous 555-95 win) were impressive but their first round 675-30 win over Francis Parker A was notable for Bellarmine getting 680 out of the total possible 800 points in a regular quizbowl match. Bellarmine missed only 2 bonus parts that match and, besides 1 neg, was beaten to only 1 TU. That’s quite impressive.

Hope that all the players and coaches enjoyed the tournament and that Bellarmine’s performance inspires the SoCal teams to try to get up to another level.

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