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Canyon Crest A wins Bronco Bowl III @ Rancho Bernardo HS

By posted January 6th, 2018

Canyon Crest A defeated Westview A in the finals 500 – 220 to win Bronco Bowl III. Varsity stats can be found here.

Final Standings:

Varsity JV
Rank Team Record PPB Rank Team Record PPB
1 Canyon Crest A 9 – 2 23.38 1 Arcadia C 8 – 2 19.71
2 Westview A 8 – 2 23.15 2 Bishops B 8 – 2 19.71
3 Canyon Crest B 6 – 3 21.56 3 CCA F 6 – 3 18.52
4 Torrey Pines 7 – 3 20.36 4 Westview B 6 – 3 15.58

Individual Performance:

Varsity JV
Rank Name Team PPG Rank Name Team PPG
1 Thomas F. Torrey Pines 107.50 1 Brian Z. CCA E 62.78
2 Jeffrey Q. CCA A 87.27 2 Andrew G. Carmel Valley MS 58.75
3 Andrew H. Arcadia A 69.44 3 Ayesha A. Del Norte B 41.54
4 Shripad B. Irvine A 67.00 4 Melissa W. CCA D 40.56

Some thoughts:

  • Canyon Crest A remains the dominant team in SoCal, winning the tournament with the highest PPB, powers, and negs, even with the absence of their science player Daniel W. That being said, they still took losses against Irvine A and Torrey Pines, both of whom performed exceptionally well at this tournament, breaking into the top five.
  • I feel like a broken record, but Westview A drops games only to Canyon Crest on route to another strong 2nd place finish, despite the absence of some key role players, putting up their highest PPB of the season – watch for them on the upcoming Morlan rankings.
  • Irvine A, whose scoring is spearheaded by Shripad B. and Andy H., seems to have found their groove after a subpar performance at Del Norte Edgehog last month. Putting up an impressive 21.98 PPB, the fourth highest at the tournament, Irvine A is shaping up to be a tough contender for the rest of the season.
  • Likewise, Torrey Pines is also showing improvement. Lead scorer Thomas F. continues to top the individual scoring charts, though his liberal negging also continues to be a bane to the team’s success. If he can keep that in check, and if the rest of his team can help cover his holes, Torrey Pines could also put up intense competition in tournaments to come.
  • With Canyon Crest B‘s strong finish at 3rd place, Canyon Crest looks to establish a regional dynasty, with its young B team already beginning to topple the old guard. Wesley Z. emerges as the main scorer, but this team is remarkably balanced – watch out!
  • Conversely, Arcadia A and San Dieguito Academy seem to have hit a slump this tournament. Arcadia A, despite having the third highest PPB at the tournament, faces some clear consistency issues, winning some games by huge margins but also losing critical games due to negging sprees. San Dieguito Academy took several close losses in prelims, landing them in the Consols 1 bracket. While both teams have the potential to do well, there is definitely still room for improvement. Hopefully they can find their rhythm again before the next tournament.
  • The JV division was healthily populated, highlighting the abundance of young SoCal players. However, no teams managed to break 20 PPB, signalling an acute need for more studying if SoCal is to maintain its national standing in the future.
  • The tournament was very well run. Much thanks to Tournament Co-Directors Kady Hsu and Claire Ahn, as well as all the other staffers.
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