2017 – 2018 Preliminary Host Call

By posted May 2nd, 2017

This is an extremely tentative preliminary host call for 2017 – 2018. In short, we’re looking for potential hosts lined up through the end of 2017. In terms of high school tournaments, the October / November area is slated for the pan-region novice tournament, leaving one (1) season opener in September, one (1) tournament in December, and one (1) additional tournament in an available time slot in the October / November time frame. Of these, we’re looking for least one (1) NAQT tournament and one (1) non-NAQT tournament, not counting the novice tournament, which hopes to be on SCOP Novice; one (1) of the non-novice tournaments should be outside of San Diego. During this time frame, we are also looking for one (1) middle school tournament host.

If your team, school, or organisation is interested in hosting a tournament, please send us an email at qb.socal@gmail.com. Details such as time of year, field capacity, and co-host school are appreciated. Please note that emailing us does not guarantee you a tournament; in particular, due to tournament capacities we will look to give priority to schools interested in co-hosting tournaments with another school.

  1. Meg Reilly
    May 2nd, 2017 at 16:46 | #1

    Hi Eddy,
    We are interested in hosting a middle school tournament during the 2017-18 school year. (Wangenheim Middle). It would really have to be February of 2018 at the earliest because I have so much to learn before then. Meg Reilly

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